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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eek! A Geek!!

I chanced upon this old photo of me in the 7th grade. Back in the day we wore skirts or dresses every day. We also carried lunch pails because we had no lunch room. Mine was red plaid which I'm sure would fetch a pretty price today. Notice the snow--waaaaaaaay more than we ever get now. Why? And I swear it was colder. Froze your knees because we had to walk about 1.5 miles. That charming panel truck in the back is the Blurr. Oh how I loved that truck. My dad could make it skid all over the place in the winter! Glasses. Yeah... One might ask "Did you know you were a geek?" Oh sure. Of course. That goes with the 7th grade territory. But I was a fairly happy geek. Lots of friends, endless books to read--we ALL read back then. Life was good...oh, so good. Pre braces, pre zits. 7th grade is the teeter grade. Kid? Teenager? Kid? Teenager?


Maryreadsalot said...

Hey I recognize that neighborhood! Didn't we alway
get that much snow?

David and Shelly said...

You look older than 7th grade. How tall were you? First day of school??

Mad Hadder said...

This shouldn't be news that I've always been tall. First day of school...yeah, right.

partypatt said...

I love the picture! Love the old car, the snow, and the way you looked. I remember walking to and from school in those skirts with the knees freezing..I haven't thought about that in years. Thanks for the memories!

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