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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today's date?
The number of days in a week?
The desirable heaven?
The age when your teeth fall out?
Somebody's lucky number?
How many times you've wished you had a Subaru in the last month?
The number of cups of wheat in two loaves of bread?
The whiskers numbered on that mangey cat who survived the winter in your neighborhood?
The number of months left on your car payment?
The number of minutes in the microwave to heat up some frozen lasagna?

Wrong, wrong, and wrong again...

The Fahrenheit degrees registering on our thermometer on this--the 7th day of April. Sheesh...


annie said...

The name George Costanza chose for his future offspring? The number of years it took me to get a four year degree? hahaha I love it. You ought to think about moving somewhere more tropical, like Alaska.

Shelly said...

Awhhh, I'm so sorry. Maryland is having 90 degree weather before any of the "hot" states. It doesn't make sense. But your grandkids had out the kiddy pool today.

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