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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yesterday my two students and I needn't have packed up my van and headed for Home Canyon. We needn't have carried the binoculars or bird books. We needn't have stopped in the creek running down the side of the road to sample watercress so crisp and fresh that it made our eyes water. We needn't have . We could have merely camped out in my living room here at Wild Kingdom Acres and WAITED FOR A BIRD TO FLY RIGHT OUT IN FRONT OF US FROM UP IN THE LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes indeedy, Mrs. Greedy. A friend and I were up looking for a book and heard scratch scratch scratch behind the toy cabinet. I immediately reported that to Paco and vacated the house. Missed the whole bird episode which I hasten to add would have done me in. You would have been reading my obituary this morning. Paco reported that he flew down the stairs, across the family room and kitchen, lodged himself briefly in the blinds, onto the front porch (at this point Paco slammed the door back into the house), and then eventually exited through the front door. How a bird got in???? For all I know he hatched from an egg right in the library and has been there since--hiding, watching, waiting--perhaps reading in his spare time.


eileen c said...

So do you ever check out my fb postings? Because I had a bird incident last week too!

Tom Giles said...

upon first reading, I was a little confused why Jerry was rushing down the stairs, sprinting through the kitchen and I was even more confused how Jerry got caught in the blinds in all of this. You can imagine my confusion, right? A second reading gave room to the possibility that the "he" was referring to the bird in all cases and to Jerry in none of them. Oh the ambiguity of it all.

Mad Hadder said...

Tom, You were right the first time. You can imagine how confused the BIRD was...

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