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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Envelope, Please...

I just came from a job interview:

Them: So what would you say has been your proudest moment in education in your career?

Me: I didn't bail. (seriously I said something so similar to that, and then wanted to pull my sweater up over my face to hide.)

Them: How would you handle cyber bullying?

Me: Duh, give them a toilet twirly.

Them: What would distinguish how you would manage a middle school?

Me: Is THAT what I'm interviewing for??? Really???????

Them: Describe how you would interact with parents in this community.

Me: Could I just take my sorry self out now and save everyone the pain?

Them: So what would you say has been your proudest moment in education in your career?

Me: You're going to ask me that again??? Oh, ugh. I still can't answer that. Could we break for a sandwich? Anyone? Anyone?

And so on and so forth. NOTHING makes me more uncomfortable than trying to sell myself. I have a big fat juicy opinion of myself, but wow. I'm kind of modest when it comes to getting that out in the open. All the way home I sang camp songs in my best full operatic voice, then I switched to a hillbilly, then my uberschade German, and then I brought it home in some jazzy wah wah wah muted sax. Do you happen to know the song I sang?"I'm Looking Over My Dead Dog Rover"? ("who's lying on the kitchen floor. One leg is broken, the other is lame. He got run over by a cocoa puff train.") It served to release my pent up nastiness. I wish I had another blog where I could give you the "rest of the story". Remind me on the next road trip we take.


Tracy Giles said...

I'm sure it went great and that you sold yourself very well! Lily told me last night that she wants to visit your house so she can play with the puppets in the library :)

Season said...

Nailed it.

I want to hear "the rest of the story."

Shelly said...

You're funny.
Last night Charlie announced that when he grew up and up and up...when he was BIG Charlie, he wants to "teach all the children". I can only imagine he was thinking of his teacher grammy.

Mad Hadder said...

Lily!!!! Come tomorrow! We'll set up the big puppet theatre that Grandpa built! Showtime!! No, I didn't get the job, but it is soo soo fine. Relieved. Good news. Maybe next year somewhere.

Jed & Tricia said...

I heard you did an EXCELLENT job on the interview... from someone who was there!So even if you didn't get it you have people that think you are AMAZING!!!

Laurel Jensen said...

Now, really. I'm sure this was a nerve wracking experience. But let's not beat ourselves up over it. I'm sure this experience will contribute to future interviews. Perhaps you can prepare some witty joke about your "proudest moment" that will break the tension like crazy. When you come up with said joke, share it with me, will you? Laurel

Lynne Etcheverry said...

This made my day. The rebel in me hopes it really went just like that. We need to come up with an interview format (for that BLHS interview contest) that doesn't play out like a beauty pageant. The kid who won basically held us captive with conversation - no need for questions.

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