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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stand Up and Be Counted!!

Paco has a part-time employment gig with the Census Department ("Put down the five--carry the one"). At this point of the operation he's just delivering the forms. Actually I don't know much about what he's doing because he is under oath to only talk about it with other Census workers. Here in Brrrrrrr Lake (and its surrounding environs all the way into Star Valley over in Wyoming), it isn't unusual for 80% of the property owners in some communities to split for the winter (thus missing the BEST part about living here! HELLO!!!). To a conscientious census worker such as Paco who would NEVER think of skipping anyone this also means that the snow leading into all of these residences would hit him somewhere near his armpits. This, of course, necessitated the addition of skis and snowshoes to his work attire. I think we should get this word out. Can't you just picture some really smashing billboards of Paco delivering 2010 Census forms to cabins 3/4's of a mile off the beaten path? Cabins with snow covering mailboxes? It's publicity just waiting to happen! So last night he dreamed that a tion (tiger/lion) was guarding one of these houses. Fortunately for him he awakened before that tion grabbed his U.S. Census nametag and ripped it AND Paco to shreds...thus diminishing the U.S. Census count by one lowly Census taker...

Yes, THIS is a Tion!!! Incidentally I kid/compliment Paco by telling him that him passing out census forms is like a 5-star gourmet chef taking a job making peanut butter sandwiches in a daycare. But then--All work is honorable.--Brigham Young


Jill said...

Go Paco!!! :)

David and Shelly said...

Seriously, that is SUCH a good marketing idea!! You need to contact them and tell them Paco's story.

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