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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"It's All About the Cat..."

May the Seuss Go With You! Read Across America, America! I'm donning my Cat in the Hat suit today in spite of a 4% salary cut, zero operating funds in my classroom for next year most likely, and who knows what else will come down the pike as yet another obstacle in the march for education. I refuse to take the most buoyant, creative, personal, self-sctualizing profession and offer it up on the sacrificial bureacratic, political, de-personalized altar. I shall wear my suit in protest of all that has been done and WILL be done in the name of ever-raising standards and ever-plummeting funding. Hats off today to America's teachers who keep taking it in the gut...


Jill said...


Season said...


David and Shelly said...


eileen c said...

Marilyn Hadd for President 2012!!

Tracy Giles said...

Thanks for the fun package. The kids loved it. Today at school they read "Green Eggs and Ham"

Amber said...

Ditto the AMEN!!!!!!!!!

Taggart said...
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Mad Hadder said...

Ha ha ha...Speaking of hats, what of the handknit beanie I sent to my secondborn son??? And who said a blog is worthy of being called a blog if it only has one entry per LIFETIME!?????

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