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Friday, March 12, 2010

I Should Have Taken One Small Step

A couple of really really good stories I have should have turned into books which could have been released before the anniversary of the event, and I would have been stinking rich by now. The first one was my entire fourth grade year playing Lewis and Clark with my best friend, Gail, and my black cocker spaniel, Schwartzie--I was Lewis; Gail was Clark, and that left us a 4-legged Sacagewea--ever prone to wander off the path, stick his/her nose into unmentionable things, take off after a cat just after we'd asked him/her which river ford to take, and shirk off any papoose-like things we tied onto his/her back. Yep, I should have written that book and timed it to come out just in time to coincide with all the Lewis and Clark hoopla a few years back. But I didn't. AND then, I should have written the story of my summer babysitting 5 kids every day for 35 cents an hour and saving every single dollar in my mom's hankie drawer and buying contacts at the end of the summer--THE YEAR MAN WALKED ON THE MOON!!!! Drum roll...I still have THOSE original contacts in my eyes. I kid you not. THE VERY SAME ONES. This story has always been a showstopper. Someone usually asks, "And your prescription hasn't changed????" To which I reply, "Nope. I saw an eye doctor about a decade ago because my vision was kind of foggy. He said that if it happened again I should just rub them with a little toothpaste and rinse it off." He wanted to write me up for an eye journal. So both anniversaries have passed, and I am left un-millionaired. Why didn't I write those books???? They were practically written for me!!!!! I guess the answer is to project into the future, find something that will be celebrated in the next few years, and then get busy and write a best-seller from my life to correspond with it. Any ideas?????


David and Shelly said...

Why not still write the ones you should have written? Why is it too late?

Mad Hadder said...

Because they won't have the same penache.

tiktok said...
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Patti said...

Haven't been around the blog for awhile so I didn't know how much I missed you. And I'm really impressed that you can read what tiktok wrote. :D

Mad Hadder said...

Shelly, what is tiktok saing???

Tracy Giles said...

I agree with Shelly! I think you could still write those and they would be a huge success!

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