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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Road trip anyone?

I got a killer killer deal on this recumbent bike today on classifieds. Thanks for the research, Paco. You are a man among men... I've been pretty silent about coveting one of these for several years. That would account for why some of you may be gaping at this picture and asking yourself, "Where did THIS come from???" Now my obsession with Subarus--I'm not quite as private about that. I pretty much genuflect every time I pass one. Back to this bike--how COOL is it????????? I may take off across the U.S. on it!!!!!! At least to Bern. Idaho, that is.


Jill said...

Eugene has one. He doesn't ride it as often as he used to though. I'll tell him you have one now. He'll be impressed. :)

慧茹 said...
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David and Shelly said...

Very very cool. Can you attach a kid trailer??

Mad Hadder said...

I would guess you could attach anything you wanted...if you Could attach anything.

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