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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Move over, Hallmark...

I intercepted this note a while back and rediscovered it shoved back in my desk today looking for superglue:

Hey. Is everything OK?

No, but don't worry about me.

But I DO!!! Like I said, I think about you 24/7!! UR the only thing that makes me smile! When I am having a bad day or something's going on, UR the ONLY 1 I call or think about! So, yah, I'm gonna worry about ya cuz I care!!

UR the only thing I care about anymore, and I can't even take care of U so that's why I broke up with you.

U don't need to take care of me, Hun!!! Honest!!! But is that seriously Y U broke up w/me??!

I was a bad bf. Don't tell me I wasn't. I was. U deserve so much better than me, I think. Your friends think so, and I think U think so, so find a better guy to make U feel good.

I can't! UR the 1!!!! UR the 1!!! And UR a great guy to me!!!! Don't say UR not cuz U and I both know UR the best ever!! But now I kinda feel bad cuz I feel like I've made a fool out of myself and U. So let me tell this: UR my honey! U make me smile! UR all I can ever think about anymore. UR all I care about anymore. UR honestly what I've been looking 4!! Gosh, I'm crying. But U need 2 know that it doesn't matter what my friends say! So PLZ just ALWAYS remember that I love you and ALWAYS will!!!! So I hope U will feel the same about me after reading this!!! I love you!!! Always and 4Ever!!!

I love you, but...I DK. I guess I'm selfesh.

UR NOT selfish!!!!!

Yes I am.

Hun!!! NO!!! UR not!!!!

UR so beautiful today.

Thanks! UR hot!!

UR so beautiful.

Not really, but thanks.

End of note. I just have a few comments. First, nice use of commas before conjunctions and independent clauses. Second, what were you SUPPOSED to be doing while you were dropping all these Love Bombs??? And third, good luck with all of this. I sincerely wish you well.
Spring is in the air...even in 7th grade.


David and Shelly said...

Ah, young (really young) love... UR are so mean for intercepting that most profound confession of LUV.

beck said...

This definitely lands itself in my top 10 favorite posts in all of bloggy land. And, I wish them well, also. 7th grade!!!!!!

Season said...

Indeed, an important aspect in all relationships: good communication. Heck, I nearly teared up.

Candice said...

OMG that was hilarious! Thanks 4 posting this! U made my day! LOL ;)

Taggart said...

Boy they are going to feel like fools when they realize that REAL love doesn't even exist until 9th grade.

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