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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Say what?

I have a couple of questions about this anonymous piece of mail I received in my mailbox. First: How did you find me??? Second: Why didn't you identify yourself? Third: You can SEE my wrinkles from where you are?????? Fourth: According to your handwritten message in the top left corner ("Marilyn, Call Fast, it works! I only paid shipping.") you seem to know me. Do you? Fifth: Did you really expect me to believe that you just ripped this out of News Today-Finance when the edge is so blatantly the result of a very fancy-edged set of scissors? I'll bet you wanted me to believe that my wrinkles were a pressing emergency and by golly, you were ripping and sending this ad TODAY!!! Sixth: You hand addressed the envelope? Yet you bulkmailed. Is this what you do ALL day?????????? I'm wrinkling my furrowed brow at these mysteries. If I didn't need your formula prior to your mailing, I do now...


Jill said...

Great questions! I say if they really know you, they wouldn't even notice any wrinkles because you are such a delight to be around. And, they would have signed the mail if they know you. Sounds like junk mail to me!

Laura said...

I, too, am stymied by people who hand address bulk mail. I mean really?????

David and Shelly said...

That's just weird. You don't need wrinkle cream! That's just silly.

Tracy Giles said...

How strange! But seriously if you hear that it's a good product I have some crows feet getting bigger and would love a good cream. Not that you need it, but very soon I will! I'm sure my premature wrinkles are from many summers spent out in the California sun using baby oil for tanning instead of sun block. At the early age of 30 I'm already seeing the effects of my childhood vanity. Now I lather on 50 spf!

Season said...

If I were you I'd start doing a handwriting analysis on all your friends. Trust no one.

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