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Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Look, Mom! Can I Keep Him?"

Bruce, my principal, regaled us yesterday with the story a teacher from Utah told him. Her middle school class was on a fieldtrip to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. After their day and as the kids were boarding the bus, they noticed one boy soaked to the bone. What else to do but tell him to get on the bus. Later during the trip home the teacher heard strange noises from the back of the bus. When she investigated she found that same boy with a penguin on his lap!! Yes, he HAD jumped the fence, dove into the penguin pool, successfully tackled a penguin, and taken him hostage under his soaking clothes on the bus. Never, I repeat NEVER a dull moment in middle school...

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Laura said...

The thing that is so interesting about middle school aged kids is that they would never think jumping into a pool to catch a penguin is an unreasonable thing to do.
Love it! Although, I am a little scared for my own kids to reach that age. Yikes!

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