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Thursday, December 17, 2009

"...with care..."

"Show me a man whose wife knits, and I'll show you someone who talks to himself!"--Ogden Nash

I've made 6 of these and have a few more to go. They're supersized and take time and yarn. Santa may have to blow up a few balloons to fill up some space in them!


Season said...

They look wonderful!

Laura said...

You are a genius! I've been trying to figure out what to put in our over-sized stockings. My kids will be so excited to get balloons!!

Your stocking are lovely. What talent!

Jill said...

Maybe someday I will be able to knit like you. Love your stockings! Just leave Santa a note to take them down before filling them or he will have to put even more in them as they stretch with weight. :) Learned that many years ago!

Tom said...

i call that one!

The Georges said...

That is so cool! I loved the Christms Jepordy today to!

Mad Hadder said...

Tom, Which one and what makes you think "calling" them even registers on my attention scale??

Taggart said...

No. I already called that one, Tom.

Tracy Giles said...

We loved ours! Thank you so much! They turned out really well.

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