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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zippedy Ay and Hidey Ho!

(14 months old at a birthday party on Valentine's Day, Austin, TX. He's looking all worried because the cake seems to have stopped.)
Happy Birthday to Thomas, whom I lovingly call, "The Best Billboard for Birth Control!" Thomas, you've been more fun than any mother really deserves. I love how you can fill your mouth with grapes. I love that you connect with animals like Dr. Dolittle. I love that you are the world's GREATEST "Reticent Stenciler". I love that you do circus tricks better than anyone else! I love that you are an amazing Hairgrowing Miracle. I love your choice of wives! I love that when I think about you as a daddy this spring, I get all goose bumpley. Happy Birthday!


Season said...

Awww—what a cute little kid.

Tracy Giles said...

Besides the fact that he now sounds like a polygamist, Tom is a great guy with many talents! Happy Birthday, Tom! Cute picture!

beck said...

Tom is one of a kind! Great post! Happy bday to Tom!

Tom said...

sometimes i still feel like that little boy with cake on his mouth.

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