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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Now We Are Three!

Born today!!! Little Mary Jane Morningstar!!! Not five seconds out of my mouth were the words, "We've given up on a baby llama. It just isn't going to happen!" and then we walked out to the pasture!! Lo and Behold!!!!

She looks like her mama llama, doesn't she?

We did sort of an unofficial test to determine the sex--nothing REALLY official like the toilet seat up test or the won't ever ask directions test or the farting arm noises test. Nope. All we really did was look for things hanging down! Didn't see any, but in the event that we do we'll have a naming contest. Mary Jane is our obvious first choice for a girl name. I'm going to send a little family picture birth announcement to the Washington Obamas. We thought they'd like to know.


eileen c said...

OMGosh -- did you know when I spoke of my doubt? When did it happen?

Mad Hadder said...

We just found her about an hour ago when we went out to feed them oats when Charlie and his cousin Tommy arrived for a minute!!

Patti said...

Oh so sweet! I love little baby animals of every sort...hmm...
except snakes.

Season said...

Oh my gosh she's the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!! Congrats to the proud parents (meaning you and Jerry AND the llamas)

Laurel Jensen said...

Well I'll be... I'm grateful to see that Farmer Dave's services were not required! Congratulations all around!

Jill said...

Oh! So cute!

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