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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Guest

I met Baden at the public library. His horse, Osage, was tied to the bike rack in front, and my good senses told me there must be a story here. Four days later, after horse doctoring and some R & R, Baden and Osage are once again on the road. This time Osage is riding in a horse trailer pulled by Paco. At 30 miles a day from Craig, CO, this will shorten their trip to Klamath Falls, OR, by about a week--Paco's taking them to Burley,ID. Baden has been an interesting houseguest and certainly earned his keep by chopping wood, whacking weeds, cooking omelettes, coloring puppet play props, helping a neighbor prime a pump, and making a sinew necklace for a newfound friend. He graciously gave horseback rides to about 15 little kids who were here one day, and he was the hit guest at a family reunion of my daughter's in-laws that we crashed. A man and his horse on the road is a part of history we have forgotten. Thanks Baden for your optimism and kind spirit in our home for a few days.

We're glad that Osage and the llamas finally made peace with each other! (Originally when we tried to pasture the horse with the llamas she was petrified and jumped the fence, cutting her legs on the barbed wire.) Hope Osage heals up well and your trip is soon completed.


Tom Giles said...

now what happened?!

Mad Hadder said...

What do you mean what happened? I thought I explained it. That's about all to the story.

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