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Saturday, August 15, 2009

...And That Has Made All the Difference

2:29 A.M. I know some of my readers like it when I can't sleep. They must get off on the image of me wrestling with the tentacles of a long dark lonely night or something. I was actually awakened when Paco came home from a wedding in SLC. I couldn't go because of a SHOWTIME that I'm committed to, and I'm feeling like compost that I missed the event and all of its attendant people of whom I am SO VERY FOND. Dang it. Crossroads and decisions--don't underestimate them. Today I was picking beans with my friends Eugene and Sarah. They were not the first to ask me how I ended up with puppeteers all summer. I gave them the Paul Harvey Rest-of-the-story version which I'm not even sure my kids know! Back in the day of Sesame Street's youth (late 60's early 70's) I was minoring in children's drama down Provo way. You could find me in the media center of the library watching hours and hours and hours of Sesame Street in an analytical way for classes. I took writing classes, sewed up some pretty cool puppets on a Deseret Industries sewing machine, and traveled around a bit doing a show here and there. Not afraid to turn a sock into something. The spring before graduation the Sesame Street recruiters came our way with enticing stories about how Big Bird was engineered yadayadayada. Mind you--this was cutting edge children's TV. I interviewed with them, and for one brief moment in time pictured myself taking up residence on that famous street. But I pivoted, got married, birthed babies...Do I look back? Yep. I'd have been dang good at that. Maybe even made my way to the Mecca of puppeteers--The Muppet Show. And how cool would that have been!! Yoweekazowee... How do I compensate? I collect puppets, I practice voices when I'm driving alone, I keep the stream of Muppet collection going for my daughter, and I sometimes drop back (like I'm doing now) and wonder "What if...?" Oh, and I go to New York more than the average Idaho bear. A little of my zaniness in the classroom probably stems back to the same creative veins. That's not a bad thing. No regrets. I like bending minds. Anybody else out there ever pivot on one single decision?????


Jill said...

I don't enjoy the fact that you have insomnia! It really isn't fun. I do, however, enjoy your posts during your insomnia episodes. They are the BEST! You would have been a huge success in NYC but we are so glad you chose the way you did so we could be the beneficiaries of your talents. Thanks for helping my family pick beans! They are now in the jars and it leaves Monday open for me to do other things! THANK YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST!

David and Shelly said...

I hope you don't regret having your babies. Those babies grew into their one people and now have THEIR own babies. There is still time to do the puppets, even on that famous street. I still stand by my idea and am ready and willing when you are...

Laura said...

I am totally bummed that I missed your show at the fair. :( I got there just as it was ending Friday afternoon. My girls would have loved it. We are big puppet people at my house.

Not really sure about pivotal decisions in my life. I'll have to think about it for a little while.

Candice said...

Marilyn, this is absolutely one of the many reasons I adore you! What I would give to come and watch one of your puppet shows; how cool is that!!! No looking back though, no regrets, you have beautiful wonderful children and grandchildren that may never have been...everything happens for a reason and Shelly is right, there is always still time to pursue your dreams.

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