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Thursday, March 31, 2016

"When It's Springtime in the Hutongs..."

Ten mere metro stops away, we found a completely awesome world--the hutongs!!!  Beijing leveled most of these dwellings for the Olympics--such a shame.  This neighborhood survived, however.

We hopped in this enthusiastic guy's rickshaw and took a ride through the hutongs.  We'd been warned that they try to rip you off.  We must be acclimating because we got him waaaaaaay down!  Bless this guy's heart--his English was pretty darn good.

Don't you hate it when your tutu gets in a wad???

Sometimes I hit a photographic home run and don't even know it until I blow it up.

"Yes, you do, Mad.  Bwawck...yes you do!"

Our tour took us up close and personal right into this couple's kitchen!!  I suppose they get some sort of kick-back for going all Truman Story-ish!!

These flowers were wired on!!  I could so do this in Brrrrrrrr Lake!!

Sometimes a man just needs boxes.

I've been trying to catch a kid in the act for 18 months!  Nailed it!

We read about this place in the paper last week!

 Paco indulged.  I found the coarse, donkey-sized hair I found on it a bit off putting.

"Confucius say:  American who wear Don Ho shirt to China need wardrobe overhaul."

He looks a tad leery--

Mom slips him a little something.

Just a quick peeky peeky...

We wonder if these dwellings are the Beijing equivalent of SoHo lofts.  They're in a superior location and beat the heck out of a 15 story apartment building!

Oftentimes I think China needs a good Earth Day clean-up project...that lasts a month!!

 Aaaannnnd here we have our granny panties hanging out to dry for ALL the world to see!

So so very pleasant!  Happy Spring to All!


Shelly said...

Yikes! Real Donkey Meat??

Patti said...

I think I gagged just a bit when you mentioned the donkey hair. I'd never heard of the Hutongs. I'm glad they didn't tear all of them (it?) down. I got an email from Jennifer Kennedy tonight. I told her she was the luckiest of people to have run into you. :D

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