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Thursday, March 31, 2016


If you come on a tour to China and have limited time or if you want a shorter trip to get to the Great Wall, you come to Badaling.  Or if you want the intimate body contact of 5.21 million of your CLOSEST friends!

Much of the wall here has been retrofitted to accomodate the crowds, but it's still great fun.

Our friend Cam fleet footed it over to this tower. 

 He hides his goat genes well, doesn't he?

Like I was saying...

Our awesome friend Chris (who, incidentally, is getting pressured to run for mayor of Roy, UT when he returns) and new friend on our tour bus-- Carlos from Spain!

Paco surveys the landscape--perhaps he's recalling bringing his mail order girlfriend here 19 years ago.  I recall it brilliantly!  There was a camel up here, it was very very hot, and we climbed and climbed.  That was day 2.  By then I'd pretty much sized up this guy.  Who knows if he me...

This is our age group!  We get them!  These guys have jobs, however.

And girls to match perhaps!  I've been going to suggest to our folks at BYU that we dispense with English teaching and take up matchmaking!!  Seriously.  

Love love love the Chinglish signs--sort of like hidden Mickeys all over the country!

I won't deny that I have mental disorders, but I did refrain from "curving or painting in the car" in the cable car going down.

1 comment:

Patti said...

Oh my goodness! That was a lot of humanity in one place. Love the wall though!

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