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Monday, March 7, 2016

International Women's Day

 A cold bitter wind has blown into the Jing.  The good news when that happens is that the air becomes crystal clear (or at least approaching breathable), but the bad news is that it brings fine sandy particulate in from the Gobi.  My beef with it is that it blew my carefully coiffed hair all to smithereens yesterday when I really REALLY wanted to appear poised and semi put together.  I can, moving smoothly among majestic international women all convened to celebrate our...womanality, I guess.  In reality, I arrived breathless to be in the Great Hall of the People, but I also arrived kaffufled and somewhat wild-haired.  The photo ops came fast and furiously--and the state of my hair completely left my consciousness, a fact I now completely regret.

No bad hair days here

or here.  (Note to self: TURBAN!!!!)

Fellow BYU Teacher, Kathy, with a Chinese friend of hers.

 I am assuming most of these international women are embassy wives.  Many were English teachers like us.  

 Very happy Chinese women.  Aren't they beautiful?

BYU teachers--Kathy, Kathryn, Kathy

The two on either end live in the Village with us.  I met them on the bus to the event.  They are beyond lovely and gracious.

 Japanese beauties are in a class by themselves.  These girls work at their embassy.

The band played,

 the acrobats defied natural laws,

 the adorable dancers wowed, and

 good will prevailed (even though the num nums were a tad scanty).

This little gal on the left could not have complied more eagerly when I asked for her picture.  Do you just want to bottle her????

 Amy lives a floor under us.  She's a nut!  The highlight for her had to be the tenor's Puccini aria.  She swooned.

 Debbie is a neighbor as well.  Far from Texas but a blessing to all she meets.

Next year (if the opportunity repeats), I'm going to concentrate on wearing some sort of American "costume"--maybe a housedress!  And I'm definitely on the prowl for a turban source!!!

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