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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Not a Bad Idea! Italy Cont' nauseum

You may think I am prepared to post pictures of Italy well into my 70's (why am I starting to see decades written without the ' ?????), but I can neither confirm nor deny that allegation.  This post is dedicated to pictures I took which screamed "NOVELTY!!"

Whimsical toaster--wakes both you AND the bread up in the morning

Whisks with a twist

Smocking is not novel, but using wool is!  I know there is some of this art in my immediate future!  I've finally located a teacher in Canada!

Murano glass flowers!  Elegant Italian glass isn't just for ballrooms anymore!

A novel sign--just a twist of sarcasm.  When I went to snap it, the shop owner went ballistic in Italian assuming that I was going to copy his magnets.  I had pure educational motives in mind only--"Chinese Perception Abroad".   He was the only truly rude person we met.  I even planned on buying one, but not after his outburst.

Yup.  His and hers chastity belts.

The next five pictures were taken of photographs depicting an annual festival/pagaent dedicated to eschewing witches and paganism in Assisi!!!!  I could tell it is quite an event.  So much more regal than our Halloween...

Obviously, these folks take their anti-witch campaign seriously.

I'd never even thought of hugging a clock until I met this one.

We went directly from the Last Supper to this on the street.



And soap again.

This exquisite bird feeder would have set me back a couple of month's of Idaho teacher's pay, but perhaps you should never put a price on novelty.


Shelly said...

I haven't visited your blog in a long time!! I had a lot of catching up to do. Love the Italy pictures. I didn't get to hear much about it when you were here.

Patti said...

If you've got 'em (pictures of Italy) flaunt 'em!

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