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Thursday, October 8, 2015


Yes, I recently had one on the Silk Road, no less!!  But first a short biology lesson.  This dog and these ducks illustrate the phenomenon in the animal world of imprinting--simply put:  many animals bond with the first moving life they experience.  Thus, ducks will follow a human etc.  The story behind this picture includes a young girl's science project.  She videotaped the progression of these animals' attachments from egg hatching to adulthood.  Interesting.

THIS is the first image (cleaning gals on right at the ready to board the plane) I had of China when I landed here in 1997

which I think explains my imprinting problem

quite completely.

BUT,  it doesn't explain Teri's (whom I met on the Silk Road)!!!!!!!!!!!  YES, THERE ARE TWO OF US!!!!!!!!

Together we commiserated  over this burn victim broom,

paused to encourage a shy broom,

observed two wild out-on-the-town mops just fresh from having their hair colored,

ooh-ed and ahh-ed at bundled newborn brooms (no sign of fathers looking through the glass),

cheered on a working class mop,

tsk tsk-ed at mops who have inexplicably "lost their head",

complimented these mops on their choice of accessories,

tiptoed past this guy basking asleep in the sun,

cautioned this broom to hang out with better friends,

and envied this broom who sweeps up shards of terra cotta warriors every day.

WE think we're funny and oh, so clever.

Our club is small, and membership interest seems to be limited.

But we're dedicated

and oh so happy to have found each other...


Taggartjc said...

Camels 'n brooms. Brooms 'n camels. Surely there was more than that. Oh, ya. Grapes 'n cute kids. Still . . .

Patti said...

I love it! Imprinting it is! So glad you have a fellow fan to ooh and aah with.

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