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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We just got back from the Silk Road!  Click and enjoy!

I believe I caught this guy passing gas.  I could be mistaken.

I think these camels know way more about things than they're letting on--as evidenced by the smug look on this guy.  I love his floppy over hump thing.

"You're on to me, Mad.  I DO know more than I'm letting on.  I'm currently contemplating Nietsche.  Last week I wiled away the hours ruminating on some proofs that were the subject of debate at the camel barn."

"Thank you for noticing."

Picture this--500 camels, nearly 4 times that many visitors, endless sand dunes...

We opted out of the orange sand boots--call us devil-may-care...

At the handler's command each camel fell to their haunches to permit boarding.

At another command they rose speedily (hastily, quickly, abruptly, WITHOUT ANY FREAKING WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!),



were off!!

Paco is cameleer #2 here in the baseball cap.  Note his perfect cameling posture!!

Good old #141!  Blondes DO have more fun!  I just had one question (which I hesitated to ask)--how do they keep the libidos of 500 camels in check?????  I saw no horsing around.  Come on...

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Patti said...

What fun! Camels are such sober gals and guys. Maybe that's what keeps the shenanigans down, all the deep thinking.

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