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Friday, September 18, 2015

Refrigerator Gems or Leftovers Too Tasty to Toss

I certainly hope no one in this blogpost takes issue with being referred to as a refrigerator leftover.  I apologize in advance if offense is taken.  None intended.  In a full attempt to maximize my retro blogging spree, I take you back two summers.  Yes.  My rationale is that when I hit the rest home the past will be so muddied and sullied that it will not make any difference at all.

These valiant women were companions of mine in the North Carolina Greensboro mission in the mid 70's.  I could tell whole long stories about each one of them to knock your socks off.  They are faithful and true, and I love them.  We get together and yuck it up alternating with tears.  I hope to take them with me well into my 90's.

This handsome group formed the 20/20 club in my fifth grade class.  That chart they're holding marked the accomplishments of each of my 25 students as they chipped away at each of the 20 goals.  These are the finishers.  We got the heck out of Dodge to Lagoon for a day and a night!

Recite the Gettysburg Address.  Recite the Preamble to the Constitution.  Learn to Knit.  Learn to spin with a drop spindle.  Juggle for 3 minutes.  Learn the major bones of the body.

Pass a math facts quiz.  Pass a parts of speech quiz.  Learn to play the ukulele.  Read a book about all the presidents of the U.S.  Identify all 50 states and their capitals on a blank map.  Memorize "'Twas the Night Before Christmas".  Memorize the major parts of the brain and their functions.  Memorize major world capital cities.

Learn to double Dutch jump rope.

Congratulations Keaton, Jaxon, Halsey, and Hallie.  You rocked my world.

I love these garden pictures.

Clara and Maren, I love you to help me in my garden.


My garden did well last summer.  This summer was a totally different story.  Does Mugsy look 13?  I love him.  He's a dog among dogs...

My lilies are truly pure joy.

Dom giving a victory signal after we got the boat up and running again at our fifth grade summer lake party.  We sold a hedgehog and a gecko and used the proceeds to have a party!  What you don't see here is the storm or the wind that sent us all scurrying to our cars...

I canned some survival supplies for my students which they opened on the first morning of middle school.

Bear Lake High School Class of 1971 43rd Reunion--Who do you know that has a 43rd class reunion???  Yeah, and we're having another one next summer...

What can I say?  We like each other.  We enjoy reunion-ing!!


And we're off to China!  Here we are in our two week training at BYU.  This is really retro blogging!!  A year has passed!!  Some of these folks are back in the arena, and some of them are back at jobs and life before China.  Little did any of us know here what was in store...


Rita--our Chinese teacher.  She optimistically took on that task.  We were dullards at Chinese.  Still are.

Directors and teachers.  Good good people.

Hiking in Provo Canyon with some of our fellow teachers during the training.

Princeton 1st Ward reunion.  Angela, Jordan, Celeste and baby.


Kay and David.  I wish I had pictures of the kids David and Sherise adopted shortly after this.  They were all downstairs.

Sherise showing off our homemade pizzas which we cooked outside in Angela and Peter's uber awesome brick oven!!!

You can't even...

Susan and Gary Carter and Steven Marsh.  We left this ward twelve years ago, but our ties are still strong.

Rebecca and her friend.  I hear he has moved up the pike.  His loss totally.

With good friends, Kay and Marilyn, at one of Provo's plethora of ice cream parlors.  The other woman was someone we met in line.  She was here on business, so we adopted her.  She was a gem!


Shelly said...

You are one of a kind.

Patti said...

Wow! That was fun! I love leftovers.

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