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Monday, September 14, 2015

100 Things I Don't Want to Forget About Chengdu Which I May or May Not Ever See Again

1.  Babies bundled up in hot weather
2.  Mops and brooms (you know I love ya)
3.  Street cleaning machines that play music
4.  Timed stoplights
5.  Beautifully attired young ladies
6.  Tiny tiny old people
7.  Uninhabited building after building after building
8.  Neighborhood trolley buses
9.  Pushing and shoving
10.  Lack of personal space
11.  Slimey sidewalks
12.  Dodging spit globules
13.  Street vendors selling EVERYTHING
14.  Vegetable and fruit vendors
15.  Cats on tethers
16.  Dogs in clothes
17.  Dogs running free dodging and stopping traffic
18.  Sides of buildings flaking off
19.  Old ladies' winter berets
20.  Wienies on a stick
21.  Grandparents babysitting
22.  Chairman Mao statue
23.  E-bikes
24.  Umbrellas in classroom hallway
25.  People hitting themselves for health reasons
26.  Medicine shops
27.  Clothes hanging from windows and balconies to dry
28.  Babies in basket backpacks
29.  Random traffic protocol
30.  "Praise the Lord" bus stop signals
31.  Vast supply of chopsticks at the cafeterias
32.  No concept of queues
33.  Shaved children's heads
34.  Wrist guards over sleeve cuffs
35.  Creative use of English on signs and T-shirts
36.  Passing up $ and bus cards on bus
37.  Slow relaxed service
38.  Red official stamps
39.  Loud phone talking
40.  Yelling children
41.  Stares and doubletakes when we are seen in public
42.  Cats howling all night
43.  Horns
44.  Crazy taxi driving
45.  Spotless streets and sidewalks
46.  Women marching in streets to advertise products
47.  Women dancing in groups on sidewalks
48.  Obnoxious repeated recording at veg/fruit carts
49.  Being saluted at the entrance to UESTC
50.  Neighborhood trash handling
51.  Empty high end malls
52.  Bike alarms going off around the clock
53.  Families and dogs piled up on bikes
54.  Pre-shift pep rallies
55.  Strolling arm in arm--boys with boys, girls with girls, old with young etc.
56.  T-shirts rolled up to cool off your tunny
57.  "WEI!"
58.  Soup of take-out without lid in plastic bag
59.  Spike heels
60.  Mahjhong
61.  Playing cards, $ exchanged
62.  Fake trees with surveillance cameras
63.  Hovering helicopters
64.  Police drills
65.  Everyone scrambling to give a little kid a bus seat
66.  Teahouses
67.  Sweet sunflower seeds
68.  Empty streets during a holiday--eery
69.  Tiny white fragrant flowers to buy on the street and hold to your nose
70.  Abundance of clothes shops
71.  Women dressed to the 9's
72.  Noodles noodles noodles everywhere
73.  "Dwei, dwei, dwei!!"  "Ha, ha, ha, ha!"
74.  Moving pictures out of the windows of the subway
75.  Motorcycle arm guards
76.  Everyone urinating in public
77.  Parents holding children over trash cans to do their business
78.  Grandparents waiting en masse for school to get out
79.  "You're an old lady!"  "No, You're an old lady!"
80.  Selfies on a stick
81.  Umbrellas on scooters for rain or sunshine
82.  Old rotten smells that just appear and gag you
83.  Loud speaking
84.  Water bottles with floaters
85.  No seat belts, kids ride wherever
86.  Red circles on bodies from hot bottles
87.  Squatting
88.  Protective face masks
89.  Badminton players
90.  Kite flyers
91.  Old people walking briskly in the morning
92.  Groups of people doing morning exercises
93.  Split pants for babies
94.  Field corn for street foot
95.  No headlights or sound on e-bikes at night
96.  Knitting with 4 needles
97.  Change of street foods for a certain season
98.  Pronoun misuse
99.  Lack of copyright concepts
100.Warm water in restaurants


Shelly said...

Old ladies in winter berets, little old people.

Patti said...

Hahahaha! Love it!

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