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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Random Odds and Ends

We are closing our Chengdu Chapter in a couple of days.  I have slothed off on this blog, but I fully intend to do some retro posting when I get back home for the summer.  A couple of my challenges have been technical--internet and getting my Mac enthused about working in China.  No matter.  I have over 4,000 pictures!  So not to worry!  As a caveat, I have been processing this experience.  Perhaps now I can wax eloquent--or not--and bring some sort of enlightenment or even closure.  So without further ado, I bring you (drum roll) some very random and disjointed pictures and commentary.  Stuff I wanted to sneak in before I head out.  I'm not sure how much of this there will be.  Take it or leave it.

My best photographic friends by far have been the mops and brooms.  I have tried to hold back, but I can't ignore the artistry I see in them.  I would like to meet anyone else who has been struck by them as I have--we'd be best friends, I'm sure.  Quirky and probably left alone by those around us.

A magnificent sampling of Chengdu snacks or snakes as we lovingly call them after hearing a Chinese friend mispronounce the word.  I wish I could give a really good endorsement of this cuisine, but alas...

Edible spun sugar art! The little kids walk around with these, and the dentists probably go, "Ka-ching!"

Thoreau would not recognize the place!  The last time I was at Walden Pond in good old Massachusetts, my two friends and I caught a nude guy just slipping back into his clothes after a dip.
Didn't see any of that here.

This is a giant wall-sized one of those cool toys you usually press your face into and then exclaim, "Is my nose really this pointed?"  In this case you pull the nails towards you.

Opera star before his show.

If you looked at this and said, "Elephant dung!"  give yourself 5 points.  I did not, repeat did NOT, place that golden leaf there.  We dodge many things on the streets here in China, but we dodged THIS in Cambodia.

This sign made me woefully aware that my prayer goods are so non-observable.  But then again, I don't have to worry about leaving them behind in airport chapels.

Mike Kneese and Norma (hiding behind her camera) atop a moving elephant in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  We love these people and are going to attempt to take over their apartment and teaching schedule at Peking University next year while they sashay off to Hawaii!

Terry and Doran Denny--more BYU China Teachers friends--looking ever so cosmopolitan in downtown Hanoi.  Doran holds the record for his million plus photographs taken.  I'm thinking of tipping off National Geographic.

 Beautiful Tibetans we spotted on Chinese New Year's Day at Tianfu Square.

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