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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Granddog, Chester

When I was perusing my photo file the other day, I came across approximately 400 photos that my adorable granddaughter, Lucy, had taken on my ipad when I stayed at their home in California over my mid-winter holiday in the U.S.  A large portion were of their dog, Chester, so I bring you a Chester "sandwich"--dog bread with Chinese ingredients!

This beautiful (if not a little sober) little girl was calmly sitting on the lap of her grandmother while a small band played the drums on either side during an afternoon at JinLi Street.

Everyone's getting in on the broom act.  Here's Anne doing her best witch impression outside our neighborhood coming home from church.

I thought this guy was extremely handsome.  Of course, his granddaddy appears to "tolerate" him.

At first glance this looks like a protest walk, but my students informed me that they're advertising  product.  I take my camera to school and the kids are happy to interpret all my pictures for me!  Sometimes we laugh and laugh over my inept interpretations of the world around me.

Two favorite students Todd and Chris feebly attempting to "learn me" some mahjong.

Love the hat!

These parents of some of our tutoring classes (plus Bobby and our assistant Ian) took Jerry and me to a Chinese tabletop barbecue (think raclette with various animal parts and unidentifiable fungus).  Such nice nice people.  It's a constant game of charades, but the emotions are communicated.

On Christmas morning this friend from church, Lyncy, invited me to go with her to a fur and leather mall a short drive away.  UNBELIEVABLY opulent--6 stories, probably 300 shops.  Fur coats, hats, leather boots and purses, to name  a few.

And we're back to Chester.


Tracy Giles said...

LOL!! I can't believe she took 400 pictures!!! She sure does love that dog :)

Shelly said...

Those long kitty socks look like they are painted on.

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