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Friday, June 26, 2015

Be Our Guest! II

Our guests nearly doubled the size of Relief Society. (with Laura, Lily, Vernita, and Lynsey)

We had Standing Room Only tickets on the train to Qingchengshan, but Nancy, Shelly, and Charlie rated a "bucket seat"!  We all laughed so hard tears ran down our cheeks.  You can still see the tears in Nancy's eyes.

 These carriers were eyeing Nancy like vultures when we started up the mountain.  She could have made it--she's sturdy beyond her 72 years (she has exactly a decade on me), but this made for a true Chinese experience!

 Charlie and I scampered up to the top.  He's a super kid, great hiker.  I LURVE him!  He was the perfect guest, so much fun and always enthusiastic.

The Nancies!!  So different but alike in many ways too.  Between them I think they've lived in about 10 countries, but they both shared Alaska!

And my favorite picture!  The wonder of China...just when you max out on the spitting and pushing and spicy food, a random cart pusher connects with your daughter in passing for a truly magical moment.

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Shelly said...

This is my favorite post. But I'm partial to all those memories. My favorite picture is the one just above your favorite. Charlie and that super cute guy with the white beard. He was just so fascinated by Charlie.

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