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Friday, June 26, 2015

Be Our Guest!

We welcomed these guests with all our heart for two weeks at the end of February!  They came full of good cheer AND NEWS and spread their good cheer all around.  Who's that lucky 8 year old????

Happy Chinese New Year on at Wouhou Temple and Jinli Street!

Some children shared their cotton candy with Charlie.  I guess that's a universal treat--something I've never quite latched on to.

Charlie was an attention magnet every where we went!!!  Women wanted to pet him, children wanted to stare at him, and EVERYONE wanted his picture!

Jerry instructing Shelly on the finer points of the Global Center--the world's largest building--in the background.  They were fresh out of yak creme brullee!  Boo!

Charlie crossing the 4 story glass deck at the Global Center.

Autumn was our most FAITHFUL and invaluable guide!!!!  We LOVE HIM!!

Getting my broom fix...

Spring Festival at Jinsha Museum.  Spectacular!!

A new friend!

We bought Charlie this turtle at Wenshu Temple to release in the Turtle Releasing Pool.  Hopefully that will provide him a long prosperous life!  The turtle much preferred it over the bucket outside the temple.

Autumn sends a shoutout to two of those left behind.  In the words of Confucius, "It is a great pleasure to have friends come visit from afar."

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Shelly said...

A really great trip! Thanks for hosting us. I want to go back.

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