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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fruit Salad in a Bedpan

We had a post Thanksgiving Day dinner today after church, and I was assigned a fruit salad for 20.  This assignment was not exactly on par with searching for the  Holy Grail or rustling up a Golden Fleece.  Nevertheless, living here in sub Girls Camp conditions, we struggled.  Paco scouted out a large can of tropical fruit.  I chopped up a few apples, threw in a bunch of bananas, and then the fun shifted.  How do we find a container big enough?  We have limited supplies on every front.  Our digs are furnished, but furnished in this case doesn't account for the stretch that taking a large salad on a 30 minute bus ride presents.  I'm not going in to how we also had to take mashed potatoes for 20 as well as cooked carrots--that would be a distraction from the REAL challenge.  What our options all boiled down to was a round metal device hunkered down in a back corner of the kitchen.  I scrubbed and scrubbed and dumped all the fruit in.  Bedpan?  Most likely not.  But then again, I didn't know that I was dousing cucumbers in wine for the last branch dinner.  Nor do I know if toothpaste is caulking or herbal tea is kitty litter or spices are red Jello or potato flakes are soap flakes...we have mysteries.

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Paul S said...

I think I'd have passed!

Have a peaceful Sunday.

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