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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


We took a two hour bus trip to this ancient charming little village last Saturday.  Pingle--where time stands still.

I would like to carbon test this bridge.  Perhaps I'll have to settle for picturing lovers strolling it back during some bygone dynasty...


Boot repair.

This nifty little beanie was fresh off her needles.  I loved that she wanted to pose!

This gal is constructing shoes from the base up!  I'd love to be her apprentice.  When things go down, I don't know anyone who makes shoes.

Chinese chess on a lazy Saturday afternoon which probably looks the same at high noon, tea time, after school, pre- supper, post- supper, pre-breakfast, midday, day in and day out...

This one is for Shelly.  Why don't you take your mending business out on the street?  Or into a mall parking lot?  Or under a bridge?  We're so stifled by convention.

 "It's not easy being white..."

 Smiling seamstress.  She bolsters my theory that the truly happy amongst us are not wearing 3 piecers on Wall Street...

I KNOW this gal and I could be best friends...if we didn't have to talk.  This is the first cable I've seen anyone knitting here.  And knitting in a leather mini-skirt...well, I'm just saying.  She's cool.

 I caught this shot of this little girl just before she got all giggly and normal and started flashing those annoying rabbit ear things with her fingers.  That wienie on a stick is the MOST common snack I see kids toting around.  I can smell them before I see them.

My lunch!!  This noodle base looked like putty.  She kneaded it in a bowl and then pounded it over and over and over, forcing the "dough" through the holes.  voile!  Noodles!

Looks like I'm not the only one eating noodles!  I have NEVER seen babies loved and doted on like I see every single day here. I never tire of them.


This baby was playing with a pair of scissors about half her height.

A peak into a private residence.

The 15 pictures before this and the 10 after were of two obnoxious little boys who wouldn't stay out of my camera range.  The fact that I captured this was nothing short of a miracle.  Because we were out in a remote village, we saw what appeared to be families with more than one child.  That rule has always been lax in the country for farmers.

Randomly placed shoes on a roof.  Perhaps they are drying.

Oh, how I love this picture.

I'm accumulating a ridiculous number of pictures of brooms and mops.  That post is yet to come.  This one sneaked in.

Initially, I thought this was a basket in the making, but I'm now leaning towards a fence.


"Look guys!  More Americans.  I tell ya.  They're somethin', aren't they? Funny lookin'.  Hey, did you hear the one about the guy from Brooklyn..."

Coolie hat/lid.  Oh, for unlimited time and appetite...I would taste the wares of every street cook I meet.

I even find the haphazard junk and trash artistic.  The centuries of grime make for some great contrasts.

Our Chinese friend told us this little toy vending soul is 97.  I think I paid top price for a little wooden clacker deal, but she didn't groan when I took her picture.

The mountains where we would have gone with more time.  Heaven only knows how hard the enterprising locals tried to make that happen for us.


Shelly said...

Neat. Cool. Awesome. Amazing. Beautiful. Fascinating.

Shelly said...

I'm going back over these pictures and looking at them again. All the knitting is awesome! It seems, though, that they have a different style of knitting. They hold their needles differently. Have you asked about that? English, continental, and ________? Is it faster?

Mad Hadder said...

They are using 4 double pointed needles for everything they make so that probably dictates the way they can knit.

Patti said...

Loved the people! It is very interesting that they just sit out on the street and sew, knit, makes shoes, cook. What a fun day in the country!

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