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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Worth a Thousand Words...

You may extrapolate that a problem exists with people standing on the toilets.
I hasten to add that this sign showed up in the restroom of one of the highest end malls I've ever been in.

A river just a few steps from where we live.  We cross it multiple times a day.  Last Sunday evening I followed it for about 30 minutes and ended up within sight of...wait for it...keep with me...WalMart.

Wengshu Monastery.  I'm sure much like one does with the cathedrals of Europe, we will become monastery savvy whilst here.

During our visit we witnessed probably 500 Buddhists in the main temple there in the background wending their way inside chanting a catchy refrain which I adopted, "This is not Ida--ho-OH; This is not Ida-ho."  Repeat until all participants are kneeling in their appointed rows.

Beautiful modern Chengdu.  Architectural eye candy.

Meanwhile,  back in the projects, this is the untouched mudprint left on the wall of our laundry where a thief--perhaps thieves, paid us a night visit on Day 2.

Anne and Clyde Criddle of Houston, TX--fellow BYU China Teachers--our next door neighbors and city explorers extraordinaire!

This is a tiger paw.  For sale.  Complete with Body Works type sinews and dye-enhanced fur.

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Patti said...

*sigh* I do love pictures of beautiful and exotic things and places. I did not know that WalMart was in China. That one kind of blew me away. I am off to practice my chanting!

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