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Monday, September 1, 2014

In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

This may or may not work. To say that we've been technology challenged is putting it mildly.  I've taken a bit of a blog holiday, and for that I am truly penitent.  Methinks a psychoanalyst might find a look into my brain at least noteworthy over the last 4 or 5 months.  But let us press on!!  China.  What a ride!!  "What cannot be described must be experienced."  Amen, brother.  We are in Chengdu, China--capital of the Sichuan province--home of the country's most populated panda preserve AND largest building in the world.  Think NYC quadrupled and given multiple more dozens of square miles to lap over into.  Picture a huge bowl full of 14 million people in the foothills of the Himalayas.  I'll have to picture along with you because those mountains have yet to be seen--probably too far away or maybe too "misted"--a euphemism for polluted.  We've seen the sun a little but no blue sky.  And while you're at it, conjure up an image of creative traffic patterns peppered with a patrillion scooters and bikes.  We live in a somewhat quiet gated complex near our university's old campus.  Our apartment is rather large and comfortable, but the kitchen is straight out of a nursery school play corner!  Easy bake oven and all!  No shelves or cupboards in there.  I think we'll try and do some cooking when the dust settles here and we can think along those lines.  Until then we eat traditional foods in our neighborhood.  Whoa howdy...another post or two or three for that down the road.  Our teaching assignments take place on the campus of the new (5 years old) campus 40 minutes on a bus away from our digs.  IT IS UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL.  TRULY.  Jerry is off teaching his first class as I write this.  I dive in tomorrow.  I will be teaching a class of PhD students and 3 other sections of sophomores who are getting joint degrees from the University of Glasgow.  Professors come several times a month from Scotland to share that with us.  We have been quite bold to venture out--both walking, in taxis, and on the metro.  Other than the robbery the third night here and the annoying amount of stress incident to landing in a foreign country AND the red tape, we are swell.  It is very very very interesting.  You all need to come and see it firsthand!  I particularly enjoy smiling at all the grandparents with the grandbabies.  I'll send pictures. I need to blog about the amazing temple, church, the other teachers, and my humidity-induced frizzy hair.  Oh, and the down time!!!!!  I've read 6 books!  I know!!  Lastly, could you please send any and all recipes that call for chicken feet.  Seriously.


Shelly said...

Chicken feet?!!! Yikes. Sounds absolutely amazing. I'm hanging on your every word.

Taggartjc said...

Wait 'til they serve up the chicken's HEAD. Yummy!

Patti said...

And you're off! I can hardly wait to be an armchair adventurer!(Patrillion is my new favorite word.)

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