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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Out and About

This was my first introduction to the library on our  campus.  It spoke volumes to me!  pun.

The real view from where we stood.  Is this beautiful?????  (psst...dirty little was raining, and there were drip buckets all over just outside the range of my camera.  I'll bet someone is ticked.  Three year old building????  Sound familiar, Bear Lake??)

Chairman Mao welcomes us to Chengdu!  This picture makes him look short.  We were waaaaaaay across the street!

I bought this at our corner street market.  Silly me.  I thought I could just peel it and call it a cucumber.  Au contraire!  This (I learned) is bitter melon--you have to cook it!!  And even Chinese only choke it down because it is brimming with superhuman nutrition. 

This one sat sneering on the cupboard for a few days as I wondered if I could stomach that much nutrition.  It darkened a little, and we parted company.

Clyde working on his guanxi (rough translation:  working the crowd, goodwill) with the local kidlets.

Welcome to the Global Center--the largest building in the world!
Eat, shop, shop, shop, ice skate, swim, slide, watch movies, surf, jump waves, shop, eat, buy groceries, stay overnight or for a week, get free 1 year anniversary cake, people watch, enjoy Texas bar-b-q, walk across a clear walkway and look down 5 stories, and cross it off your lifelist!  At no extra cost, I witnessed a mother holding her baby over a trash can to do his business.  Yes, I did.

Take your breath away glitz!  Square MILES of marble floors!

We didn't, but we WILL!! 

And you can get Tupperware...without all the stupid party games!

Move over, Mr. Disney!!  The thing of it is, is that I've been getting up and going about my duties for 61 years and had no CLUE all of THIS was going on over here on this side of the clue.


Patti said...

What does it say about me that I was as blown away by the ease of purchasing Tupperware as I was by the amazing buildings? Throwing out the wrinkly green bitter thing was a good call!

Shelly said...

I like Patti's comments. There's no like button in blogger. That place looks amazing!

Alexis Peacock said...

Hi Marilyn! (hope I spelled your name right..sorry if I didn't) Amber just gave me the link to your blog and I am loving reading and seeing pictures of your adventures! How cool! I just have to tell you that I recently visited China Town in San Francisco and they had that cucumber/squash looking vegetable there along with a lot of other interesting produce. I was so curious I had to find out what it was. I finally found a younger girl who spoke English and she told me just what you wrote about. :) So interesting. She said they often eat that vegetable in eggs. Despite the nutrition, I didn't get any to try it. :)

Alexis Peacock said...
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