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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Up on Downton!

Lucky for me, Paco and I dined in Minneapolis over Christmas with an enlightened hostess who gushed over Downton Abbey. Ever on the ready to rise above Bumpkin status, I immediately took possession (amazon-forgive-me-for-I-have-sinned) of the British PBS versions of Seasons one and two and entered Abbeyworld. Oh my goodness. It was intoxicating--deliriously mind numbing--and fed every Anglophile bone in my body. When Paco returned he took up residency in the abbey as well. In fact, one snow day we did SEVEN nonstop hours! "Shall we watch another?" (repeat six times more in 60 minute intervals)

Now, these are the sisters. It took me several hours to even appreciate Mary, the eldest. She was uber snobby, self-centered, and just a little too snitty with her sisters. And how she treated Matthew!!!! Well, I'm just saying. Cybil seems to be the crowd favorite, but Edythe was forever endeared to me when her mother (Elizabeth McGovern from two of my ALL-time favorites--Ordinary People and She's Having a Baby) said, "Perhaps Edythe will take care of us in our declining years" (or something as condescending signifying that that was ALL Edythe should aspire to). These sisters..Oh, and the surprise Turk! And the surprise pregnancy! And then the war comes.

But my heart is reserved for these two. Ahhh...the downstairs folks. Anna and Bates--loyalty personified and just as good and genuine as all get out, darn it. I love them. Excuse the interruption, but Paco just brought me strawberry shortcake AT 8:13 A.M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He takes to the servant role so well.
Now, I haven't even mentioned the Dowager Countess or Sinister Thomas or scoops of others mmmmmmm....shortcake....Let me just say next season is--HOLD THE PHONE!! I JUST FOUND A NAIL IN MY SHORTCAKE!!! I confronted my chef, and he nonchalantly says, "Yeah, I found 3." COME AGAIN????? As I was saying, next-- AND YET ANOTHER!!!! All of a sudden shortcake for breakfast has lost some appeal. So next season the American grandmother (Shirley MacLaine--now THAT'S some zingy casting!) will show up, and I can just imagine the grandmother shrapnel will fly. I, for one, will be perched on the edge of my rocking chair in anticipation. In the meantime, perhaps I should consider hiring food testers to preview what leaves the kitchen...the nails (I'm up to 5) seem to be centered in the biscuit. They're those tiny ones you use to hang pictures. A mystery. But then, as I recal, Daisy let some dangerous stuff leave the kitchen as well! And the chauffeur too!! I'm in good company.


Shelly said...

I'm soooo ready when ever you get them back and can send them my way!!! At first I thought you were talking about finger nails! But a nail of any kind isn't good. Are you sure Jerry is trust worthy...cake in the morning...disguised as nails for breakfast???

Season said...

5 nails in your shortcake? This clearly deserves its own post. I need to get crackin' on my Downton post.

Tracy Giles said...

It's been a long time since I've commented on a blog! Sounds like a great show. You got me with Shirley MacLaine. She's a favorite of mine. Love the story about the bus. So glad you got to the bottom of that. Tag and I love the show Doomsday Bunkers. We've been talking about buying land for awhile. Now I'm excited for land so we can buy a bunker :) Not because I think we'll ever have to live in it, just because I think they are so cool. They call them "condos" because it is exactly like having a condo - just underground. If that doesn't work out for us, we'll definitely have to consider a bus. LOL.

Mad Hadder said...

I will surely have to check out Doomsday Bunkers. They sound like kindred spirits. Paco and his new tractor could SO pull off a bunker!

theriddle said...

Marilyn Your German DID get a shout out. Didn't you see you were number 3 for judge number 1? It was great! Not sure how it will all go down but it has been fun. Also I'm going to check out Downton Abby stat.

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