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Saturday, March 3, 2012


A trail shot from our autumnal jaunt through the Ozarks in Arkansas mid October
This little doll baby is Clara. She talks in sentences now, and I'm sure makes as much or more sense than the presidential debaters on TV. Nicht wahr???? We met in Park City and celebrated Christmas a little early. Clara's BIG NEWS is that she's going to be a sister this summer!!
Rosie came west for a few days as well and poses here with Clara and Aunt Season.and her mom.

I'm on a random roll here. I'll try and post a healthy mix of pictures and just a few bullet points to cover a few things and answer any questions about me and mine's whereabouts as of late. Consider this pretty stream of counsciousness which may or may not bore you to Nancy Drew novels. Picture you and me sitting down to steaming hot chocolate whereupon YOU say, "So, Mad. What have you been up to?" Actually that should be rephrased "Up to what have you been?" because only the truly barbaric end sentences with a preposition...
--Paco is home! All the bad habits I picked up during his 8 month absence are being slowly weeded out. Among those I miss (even though I'm quivery happy he's home) are watching an old movie on TV at 5 A.M. before I went to school every day, knitting entire days away in bed, eating Chinese in bed, doing the dishes semi-annually, and languishing long winter nights away in my classroom. I may blog about Paco's adventures; or I may not. Here's proof that he's home. Doesn't Mugsy look dapper? We snowshoed in the Tetons this morning--Snake River in background

And a moose at Moose, WY. I wanted to straddle him but thought better of it. I think he's new there at the visitor's center.
My friend Virtue (whatever happened to THOSE good old names????) celebrated her 96th birthday! Anything I could ever report doing pales in comparison to that, but I DID take the AMTRAK to San Francisco for THIS It was sehr interessant indeed!!!! I will give it its own post manana.
Every man and his ratcatcher must be downloading pictures on blogger because this is taking way too much time. Chew on this, and I'll post again tomorrow.--

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Patti said...

LOVED the Nancy Drew comment! This blog was fabulously random, as am I. So glad you have your Paco back!

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