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Friday, March 2, 2012

Hey Howdy Happy Birthday!

Just dropping in like a negligent relative to give a shout out to my favorite non doctor on his special day--even though he's decomposing underground in La Jolla, CA. I have sooooooo much to write about and soooooooo many pictures to post, but that's not going to happen today. This is the first March 2nd in several decades that I haven't slithered into my Cat in the Hat suit. Our 4 day school week ended before the birthday rolled around today. I'm half sad about it--I do so enjoy a tail every now and then. But I also may be reaching the point where nonacceptability reigns for aging women in cat suits. Perhaps I've sold out. Or worse still, grown up.


Shelly said...

NOOOOOOO! Not grown up!!!

Heber and his "Deli" aka: Adele said...

Say it isn't so. This can't be true! There is always room in this world for a YOUNG LADY in a cat suit, especially if it is you.

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