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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This and That About Absolutely Nothing

Paco admitted to me tonight that he took Mugsy into JoAnn's last week! Oh Really? Yes, I told them he was a therapy dog. They seemed impressed by that until he confessed that Mugsy NEEDED therapy-- wasn't going to GIVE it!

I'm looking at the mound of our 2010 Christmas cards/letters here on the desk. Ho hum...What's the hurry?

My two good friends are rising up out of this frozen wasteland headed for Disneyland tomorrow. I KNOW!!!

So I'm thinking of imbedding treasure hunt clues into my blog. Nobody seems to be reading it, and if they are they're mum. The visitor counter must be wacked out to the max!! If I imbed clues or commands "Call me and let the phone ring three times if you're reading this," then perhaps I can crack this mystery.

Four years ago Friday I landed in Minneapolis to love on my first grandson, Charlie. It was minus 32 in the balmy Twin Cities. Happy Birthday Charles Chew!!!

This morning I trooped one of my reading classes over to a parking lot across the street and had them run around reciting the poem we're memorizing at the top of their lungs. Sometimes we march around the room to memorize stuff, or clap, or stand on our desks, or walk backwards. My favorite method is to hold a squirt bottle of water in front of their faces as I recite the poem and pause for them to say the next word or else...good fun. But today was the first time I've ever done a mid winter forced march outside.

I received a grant (go Me!) from the great state of Idaho to add a fancy pantsy piece of technology to my whiteboard thus morphing it (with the aid of an lcd projector and a laptop) into an interactive SmartBoard!!! Can't wait for it to come!!!!

I'm coming dangerously close to chucking my couch at one of my students. That would mean Good-bye Job, so I grind my teeth behind his back and vividly imagine his death by zombie.

I've given up supper and feel so much better!!

Hyrum is the son of a former student of mine back in the day and my daughter's good good friend from high school. He hangs with me every day from 2:11-3:19. His writing is illegible. He hands in a book report in 4 or 5 puzzle pieces which I have to tape together. Many times he zones out. Simple instructions totally elude him. Before Christmas he brought in a reindeer made out of a large box with a fully rotating head and antlers powered by some sort of solar cell. Today when I walked back to his desk I saw that he had taken 3 pencils, a paper clip, some string, and the insides of a pen and created something truly amazing capable of standing on his slanted desk. I ran across the hall to get my friend Lynne who teaches earth science, and together we marveled. I'm going to visit Hyrum's lab/shed which I hear he supplies through the Deseret Industries drop dumpster. Hyrum's friend, Michael, is his techie. Michael dumpster dives too and pirates computer parts which Hyrum is turning into a remote control vehicle of some sort. Who needs legible handwriting and A's on book reports anyway..?

I was referred on today to a short story by Neil Gaiman in which the heroine is an old lady who discovers the Holy Grail in a bin at her local thrift store!! What a smashing storyline!!!!

I'm totally put out that I must cancel my spinning lesson with Lou in Pocatello next week.

Not one but TWO of my students have parents who met in Evanston, Wyoming's WalMart as employees!!!!! Is that just tooooo freaky? If I didn't assign autobiographies there would be no end to my stupidity. I pretty much learn EVERYTHING from them.

And if you read to the end of this post, send me an email with your favorite popsicle flavor in the subject line.


Tracy Giles said...

I just emailed you , but incase you read this first my favorite popsicle flavor is strawberry. I do like fudgesicles too. Yummm.

I'm bad about commenting, but I do read!

Hyrum sounds a lot like the boy in that book SLOB.

Jill said...

I read your blog but don't always comment. I envy your writing ability!

AmyJane said...

Dontcha kind of want to smack my mom for having the audacity to got to Disneyland without us? I so need to go there, by probably without my children. I am weary of traveling with them right now.

Anonymous said...

I've never commented before but I read your blog. I've always wanted to keep Alpacas and spin the yarn...anyway, I enjoy your writing.

I loved pudding pops when they were around. Especially the ice crust they'd get on the bottom. Yummy.

Patti said...

If you shut down your blog, where will I get my Marilyn fix?! It may only be a few times a month, but it is a necessary part of my experiencing joy program. (see email subject for favorite popsicle flavor.) :D

Taggart said...

It's the astro pop for me.

Mad Hadder said...

From our Good Humor Glory Days, right?

Shelly said...

You've given up dinner?? What does that mean? And you feel good, because you've lost weight, you thought you would be hungry but aren't? You can't just leave me hanging like that!

I don't remember a happier time than when we could go to our basement chest freezer and pick from a plethora of Good Humor bars. That was amazing!

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