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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A No Brainer...Really

Paco and I made a provision run to Logan the other day. After a very mediocre (but not wholly inexpensive) meal at Chick Filet I said, "You know, I'd rather bring sandwiches or boiled eggs to eat for three times and then go get some really good sushi on the fourth trip over here. Even Steven." I've just about had it with mediocre fast food. We eat it because it fills a hole. You're in you're out and the hole is gone. But with sushi--ahhhhhhh--sushi. Now that's something worth looking forward to and sacrificing a bit. Three or four blah burgers would equal in cost what a brief visit into the afterlife (sushi) would. So that's my plan. I'll keep a little notebook in the jockey box to tally up my savings each time. Then I'll sashay right into the sushi bar and not feel a moment of guilt. The only trouble is that I may do it alone--Paco loves him some Burger King...


Shelly said...

Do you have your sushi bar picked out?? Make sure it is a good one. Sounds like a plan.

Laura said...

Yummy! A friend recently introduced me to sushi and I am now a HUGE fan! It's a genius plan you have there!

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