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Friday, December 3, 2010

Pioneer Woman

I was reading a blog satire of Pioneer Woman's appearance on Bobby Flay. This particular blogger has a somewhat unhealthy detestation for PW which I find entertaining sometimes. She dresses Barbie dolls up and stages some really ridiculous farces flinging all manner of mud down Oklahoma way. I was also reading a Forbes interview with PW. Back in the day my daughter-in-law and I were "fans" of PW's blog and were quite faithful. But we petered off. Meanwhile PW has gone on to atract some 6 million readers a month! Wildly popular. She published a New York Times best-selling cookbook and is about to release the story of her romance and subsequent marriage to an over the top wealthy Oklahoma rancher. Some people find her "14 carat phony", and others are appalled at how she exploits her children. I can't imagine that her pristine ranch life hasn't taken a giant cyber step into sheer complication thus interrupting her homeschooling and adding an air of Hollywood to her former intimate homelife. That can't feel good. But then again maybe it does. She must bring in obscene amounts of money from ads. Just thinking on this stuff--what we do for money and how it rocks our boats. Paco and I had a lengthy discussion on how tipped the society is and how forced we all are to tip right along with it at Chick Filet the other night. What if we all took 2011 and restructured our financial base? Stopped being so dependent on spending and devoted more time to study, meditation, and exuding more kindness? We could "cleanse the palate" of our mind and scrape out the plaque in our lives. I remember a month of my life when I ate very very simply and just spent my time walking and talking with some others in the same experience. Our skin became robust! And our hair!!! Try not washing your hair for a month and you won't believe how magnificent it looks when you DO wash it again. I guess I'm just looking around at the world focused on money. Money equals worth. Money equals validity. Money equals security. Money equals happiness. And I'd like to debunk it...Once and for all. Maybe we can turn Provident Heritage Farm into a commune. Attract some anti-materialists. Grow some organic produce. Kumbayah around the fire. Or maybe I can just carve out more time in my day to be reflective. I think that's what I need more than anything. I'm hoping Pioneer Woman hasn't sold out and now has golden handcuffs...


Laura said...

I'm dying to read that blog!! Perhaps you could provide the link? Pretty Please?

AmyJane said...

Wait, so you don't like PW anymore? I still read occasionally, and it seems to still be her. I thought. Maybe I'm crazy?

Tracy Giles said...

Good Post. I really did like her when she first started out and life was simple living on a ranch. Now it's posts about her book signings and huge lodge remodeling. Her blog has changed a lot. Sad.

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