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Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Move Over, Hallmark" Revisited

He: So _________________ is the one that told me that u liked me, but I always liked u.

She: Seriously? But I am glad she did.

He: IDK she did. Ya. So what am I aloud to do right now? Circle one.


Hold hands

Put my arms around u

She: I want to get over ______________________ for a day, so I'll go out tomorrow. Don't write back."

This intercepted love note carries all the components of a classic, so let's take a moment and analyze it. First of all, nine times out of ten seventh grade romance involves another person--a friend who intercedes for a reluctant party. This can lead to problems, as you might suspect. Third parties become an entity in a relationship that oftentimes knows too much. I've seen third parties move into first place ousting a "best friend" in the triangle. Second, notice the choice of physical contacts. I would put a fifth: "Tell others that we're going together." Now I'm wondering where all this "aloud" touchy feely exchange takes place... Thirdly, all good dead relationships require a certain "grieving period." I respect this young lady's warp-time handling of that. Shows maturity. She's moving on. Incidentally this is the most unlikely of unlikely relationships. I love taking notes.


Shelly said...

That is funn-y. Good observation about the 3rd party, so true!

AmyJane said...

Awesome. I love JH love triangles. They started up about February of 6th grade every year when I was teaching. My all time favorite note, which I photocopied for myself, and then surreptitiously mailed to his mother for his scrapbook said:

"Dear Jenny, thank you for your interest in going with me. I heard from Mike who heard it from Ally who said you said you wanted to. I think you're awesome. But, my mom, and also the Prophet, Gordon B Hinkley said that I am not allowed to date just one girl until after my mission. It doesn't mean I don't like you cause you're really pretty. Thanks for asking, Ryan"

Cutest thing ever. People who don't think Junior High kids are adorable just haven't hung out with them long enough.
(Hormonal raging beasts? Yes. Adorable? Yes. They're just big toddlers.)

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