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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Short Essay on Why I Live in a Small Town

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10:35 A.M.--I pull a filling in my mouth out with a caramel
10:40 A.M.--I call my local dentist on the outside chance I can get an emergency appointment.
10:42 A.M.--I have an 11 A.M. appointment which I grab because meanwhile my principal has just walked through my door and grants me immediate permission. The Christmas dance at 11 allows me this kid-free/no sub time.
10:45 A.M.--Another teacher relieves me of my students.
10:50 A.M.--I arrive ten minutes early at the dentist office greeted by three friendly faces, the dentist's wife, and the dentist's daughter home from college and am ushered right in.
11:05 A.M.--I emerge from the dentist's office--hole filled. No deadening. No pain. Pleasant chitchat with the dentist about the history of the procedure he used to mend me. Asked about my daughter (whom he's met once) by name. Laughed a bit. Commented that I should do ads for this practice.
11:08 A.M.--Back at the dance.


Tracy Giles said...

That is a great small town story. I love it. Glad your experience was painless.

beck said...

These kinds of things (along with throwing water balloons at semi trucks on the highway...ask Tom) are what I miss most about living in a small town! Everything is so darn convenient! Happy to hear of your good fortune at the dentist...

Shelly said...

Again, insane, I say, insane.

Laura said...

What I wonder is why were you eating a caramel in the middle of class?

Mad Hadder said...

Laura, The kids were at breakfast,

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