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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You!

My good friends in Vermont, who work around the clock to ensure that the freezer cases in my neighborhood are stocked ever to the ready, sent me a Half Birthday greeting this morning. Now, I think THAT'S classy. But then Ben and Jerry have been my "main squeezes" for many many years. I proudly wear my B & J shirt all over the place, and it NEVER fails to get attention! I stick Ben and Jerry gift coupons in Christmas stockings. Paco and I started an anniversary tradition on our honeymoon in Maine by sharing a pint huddled in bed with the covers up tight--June in Maine smacks a lot of Brrrrrr Lake in June so it always hits the spot with the right combination of quilts! I have their ice cream cookbook. I make a beeline for any B & J stores and was a regular at my favorite in the underground level of the World Trade Center. In fact, I took friends and my sister-in-law there just three days before 9-11. Of course, most of my memories about Ben and Jerry's are tied up in my friend Mary Jane. She was a stockholder (original stock was only available to Vermonters which she was at the time) and waxed emotional at tellings of stockholder day--ALL YOU COULD EAT ICE CREAM!!! She and I toured the factory up there in Burlington--visited the Flavor Cemetery in the back, and came away with little charming cow magnets available only at the main headquarters. Of course, I have the whole Ben and Jerry story up in my library. I know they're way beyond liberal. I know politically some might find them extreme. But gosh darn it, they remember me on my birthday and now on my HALF birthday (new marketers I'm suspecting) AND on Free Cone day once a year. So in my eyes, they're A-O-K. Besides, when you visit their mecca in Vermont the parking lot is lousy with's ALL about the Subaru...

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