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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

...To See What He Could See

What did YOU do this weekend? I never know what answers I'll get in "Seventh Heaven." Hunting season adds a new twist to the game as well. I also got a story about one mom giving a distressed baby kitten CPR! All manner of good writing material here. Gimme a pen! Isn't this bear a beut? I think he's headed for Rugland. I was hoping for a wee taste of bear meat to satisfy my curiosity, but apparently this bear went bad before they could get him to civilization. Jayden picked him out of a tree on the Oregon/Idaho border. Kerplunk. But the grissliest part of the story was the imitation of the sound the bear made. Kind of a high-pitched screech. Jayden says it still haunts him. Me too.
Meanwhile I'm having to up the ante in school. How am I to compete with the "Call of the Wild"? I look down on a sea of glassy-eyed stares, and I KNOW their minds are in the hills! We have a tradition here at our school--The Biggest Buck Contest. Bring in your antlers, measure them, and see if you snagged the winner!! A few years ago, one Gregory misinterpreted the contest rules and brought in a whole head--hair, tongue-lolling out, eyes--you get the picture. Clan of the Cave Bear for about two months here until we get it all out of our system and return to the 21st Century...sort of.

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Shelly said...

You really need to keep us more updated with seventh grade details on your class blog. I really think there is more to all this Bear Lake culture to be shared. It is so....out there.

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