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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Lines We Dare Not Cross...

This is my 292nd blog post. I'm nearing my 3rd anniversary as a blogger. That's well over a thousand days. I've blogged about friends passing to the other side, the antics of my 7th graders, additions of babies to our family, farmlife, the metamorphosis of Paco from corporate telecommuter to homemaker/farmer extraordinaire, our blossoming llama "herd", the comings and goings of vacations, a little knitting, and flies. Some blogs have been posted in the wee hours of the morning; most were done in the evenings before I went to bed. I've held a couple of contests--just to rouse the lurkers out of their revery. I've reconnected with friends from former times through my blog and have begun to read their's as well. About a year ago I started writing about my survival trip in 1974, but that seems to have petered out. That's a shame because it IS a smashing story that I ought to tell! Unfortunately the REALLY REALLY good things I'd like to blog about are untouchable because of obvious people who are still alive. I try to maintain some decency here, but I'd really like to let loose one of these days and tell some REAL stories...Most of the time I blog just to itch a part of me that truly gets a buzz out of writing. I don't think about readers; judging from the diminishing number of comments, I'm not even sure I have all that many. And the loyal oriental following that I was attracting--well, I'm ashamed to admit I blocked them. That was just a little weird. I've been thinking about telling the whole Paco China How-we-met story. Once again, I'd be writing that more for myself than my readers because I don't really know who my readers are. I've also toyed with concentrating on this blog and making it more cerebral or literary. The reality is that every word I write is embedding itself somewhere deep within the web. When I die will someone be able to exhume all these posts and make some suppositions about me? How will I measure up?? But oh how I'd like to really write honestly about my community, my job, my ex husband, my inner demons, my soft underbelly...that's the writing I daresn't do on my blog. Am I chicken? I'd love to hear your answers to that question. What are the moral lines YOU don't cross??

Oh, and Happy Halloween. Enjoy this clip from Young Frankenstein that I watched last night. It so makes me guffaw every time the monster says, "Putting on the Ritz!"
Where did Teri Garr go?????


Season said...

There are so many unspoken rules to blogging—aren't there? Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing whether I'm writing certain things for myself or for people who read. I never want to offend but I also want to say what I'm thinking. There must be a happy medium somewhere. And I feel you on the lessening comments thing. But have you looked into the "stats" section that blogger recently added? I bet you'll find you've got a LOT more readers than you thought. Whatever you DO decide to tackle—I'm a faithful follower!

Tracy Giles said...

I say let it all out!! I would love to hear some of your stories! I know what you mean about not always being sure what to post. I hesitated posting the video of Harrison saying his colors and shapes because some people might think I'm one of those parents who gushes over their own children in a real annoying manner. Then I decided that I don't care at all what people think of that post. I did it so that the grandparents could see it and I think he looks so darn cute in it. Anyway, my point is, I'm always questioning what to write. I've decided it's my blog and I'll post whatever I want to post and not worry about having a super hip blog. People can think whatever they want about me. I say you should write whatever you want to write! I would love to hear your stories!!!

beck said...

Your blog is in my google reader. I don't miss a post! Just thought I'd put that out there! :)

Jill said...

I have your blog in my google reader too. Love your posts! I say post what you want. It's your blog. If others don't like it, oh well! They don't have to come back and read more. That being said, I too struggle with what to post.

Mad Hadder said...

Yay for my inspiring daughters-in-law! Reading their blogs is one of my day's highlights. I have very very smart sons...

Shelly said...

Here's my two cents, if you are worried about offending someone from your past, who is still alive, I wonder if they are even online!! Come on!! Write!

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