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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random 12:52 A.M. Thoughts

--I've never ever ever seen kids behave inappropriately in standardized tests like I did my 7th graders today. Oh my goodness, a regular study in Darwinian Evolution of the Species. Some of us just aren't evolving.
--That novel I capriciously grabbed from the library about life in a polygamist cult (no doubt inspired by Texas) is total trash. And to think that the author dedicated the book to her writing group...I speed read it just to see what happened to Celeste. She left and took the baby. Run Celeste!!
--I accidentallly witnessed Obama getting frisky with Dalai in the corral yesterday. The book said he might try such hormone-driven shenanigans right before the baby comes and should therefore be isolated! Well I should say SO!! That's just wrong!! Run Dalai!!
--I should have taken a feet picture of one of my students and myself today. She had on mucluck snowboots, and I had on bare-toed Berkies. And so it goes in Brrrrrr Lake in May...
--I'm thinking I need an Almond Joy.
--How many times will I need to listen to the joke about the president and pigs might fly?
--Isn't the best???
--Paco planted 5 trees this weekend. He put in a front planter today.
--We've got tickets to two plays on Broadway in June!!!
--I've sorely neglected my friend in the nursing home the last few weeks for which I will most likely fry in Hell.
--I'm going to read at least 3 books a week this summer. I've got them all stacked up. Ask me how I did come September.
--I have some really really really fine cousins.
--Paco and I are looking into getting a chipper. That worries me a little because of that one guy in Wisconsin a while back who put his wife's remains in one. She ended up as mulch all over their yard. Mostly I'm hoping we just put branches and leaves in ours if we get one.
--A weekend ago Paco and I took a clean-up assignment at the Deseret Cannery in Ogden. Picture about an acre of stainless steel machines sprayed down with foam cleaner and you and a bitty little crew of 5 scrubbing it down meticulously with a potscrubber. Hose down AND REPEAT!!!!! You read that right!! Wow...that is actually the official mission of a handful of white-haired saints...Monday through Friday. Oh my. Why did I keep thinking of that old joke about picking up tacks out of manure in hell?
--I think if I had any more than the 14 days left of school that I do I might begin using vast amounts of duct tape inappropriately on my students. I still might.
--Somebody on Facebook today wanted to know if I had ever known a Daniel Hightower in New York. Do you get random requests like that? Hmmmm...
--I feel like going camping soon.
--There is absolutely nothing but good food to eat in this house at the moment. Sprouts, wheat bread, kiwi and two avocados. Just what am I supposed to do with THOSE in the middle of the night? Come on!

--I have a marvelously great friend who goes to the Provo D.I. REALLY often. I LOVE that about her!! She finds such treasures and is so generous with sharing.
--On the night that Celeste was married to Mr. Merritt (the father of Jon whom she really loved and had met by the river to kiss frequently), after the ceremony everybody (our heroine was wife #7 so you can imagine the cookies needed) went down in the basement of the church for cookies and punch. Then he takes her to his home/motel and shows her the wing that he and she will fill with children. But the part that brought me to my heaven imploring knees was the box delivered from her father to her new digs. It contained a nightgown and one dress. Isn't that tragic??? Run,!
--Tomorrow a hunk of our students are off to the district track meet. It'll be one heck of a "day at sea" for anybody who tries to teach tomorrow! The downside of a small school...
--I think I might have ingredients for ice cream around here.
--I was really surprised that Celeste was able to take the baby with her when she left. I guess Mr. Motel Manager had a few DOZEN to spare.

--Today I had Student #1 look up "insubordination" in the dictionary and read it loudly and clearly to Student #2 whom I promptly exported to the office. Toot sweet.
--I'll wrap it up. Saturday I heard chitter, flutter, scratch coming from the closet next to the computer here. Wanting no part of chitter, flutter, scratch I went in search of a big strong man. I found one. Our dryer vent is now de-nested, duct taped neatly back together, and we have sent some poor mother-to-be hiking. Good night.


Jill said...

Oh that you had the treats in my house last night. I would gladly share. :) I have way too many goodies floating around for someone trying to lose weight! Lemon Meringue Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Oreo Cakesters, Dove Dark Chocolate Squares. . . I too love Almond Joy candy bars but have none of them.

Mad Hadder said...

Why all the goodies???? Party?

Jill said...

No party. I love to bake and I made pies on Sunday. The cakesters and Dove chocolate are a staple in my house for when I need a chocolate fix.

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