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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Name that Play Two!

My two older kids and I stood almost exactly on the spot where the camera crew must have been for this filming when we went to the Macy's Parade in hmmmm...1989. Three feet of snow had fallen (the first snow in 50 years for the parade), and we made about 10 trips to a deli place to get hot chocolate! Great adventure! I LOVE THIS PARADE!!! I went every year when we lived thataway. Someday I'll blog about my attempts to march as a clown in it! And YES, we are going to two plays!


Jill said...

Have fun on your trip!! Thanks for the book. I'll read the story and get it back to you soon.

Patti said...

I second the have fun on your trip! After your worst spring ever you deserve a little getaway to the east. Did I ever tell you about planting a thousand vinca minor plants (they call it periwinkle back here) in Ririe in May? It snowed, and we had to keep breaking the ice in the water bucket. That's when I decided I could never do spring in Idaho. Happy musicals!

David and Shelly said...

I remember it was a McDonalds and not a deli. Anyway, I don't think my toes were ever so cold nor have they been so cold since. Seeing NCOTB is still my claim to fame.

Mad Hadder said...

Hmmmm....I'm sticking with deli. Yep, you were a perfect age to ge a New Kids groupie.

Mad Hadder said...

You lived in Ririe????? Whatever for and when????

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