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Thursday, May 14, 2009

In My Happy Place...yeah, right...

Let's talk turkey for just a few. One of the problems with blogs is that they require some regularity to keep a readership going. Nothing is less fun than to visit a blog expecting a fresh slice of lemon meringue pie only to find yesterday's (and the day before's and the day before that's....) same old hash. The other problem with striking up a regular correspondence with the faceless "masses" (not really a correspondence, I guess, because it is usually one-sided) is that nobody wants to read about gloom and doom or funks or burned out teachers or even stir crazy middle school boys attempting to use a plastic crate lid to "snowboard" over a couch during class. So if the blogger finds herself funky or grumpy or at a loss to describe actual events of the day, then the blog remains untended...and untended...and untended. At some point the readership drops off and goes in search of greener pastures, or they begin to assume the worst--"Oh NO!!!! Madhadder must have found out she's pregnant!!" or "Paco has taken leave of his senses and he and the Madhadder have become transients!' or "Surely someone there at Rancho Deliciouso has fallen off a ladder!!" It poses a dilema. I follow a few blogs that post each and every day and have done that for at least two years. Wow...ahhhh...ohhhhhhh...(bending and gesticulating here). I guess that makes me a sorry blogger. I like to find something positive or at least entertaining to highlight in my blog. As of late, that eludes me. But I thought I'd better drop in so that the taste of the hand-eating llama isn't what you're left with for the weekend. And in an effort to affirm that "into each life some rain must fall", I am going to take this opportunity to whine. I have a right to do that, and by sugar, I will.
1. We have had NO spring this year. This is THE COLDEST springs I have had in my entire life. The space heater is whirring behind me, I have two sweaters on. The sky is black outside. The DANG TREES aren't even budding out!!!! Pathetic.
2. #1 has worked a number on the students at my school. They are UN fricking believable!!!!! And so say ALL of us!!!!!!
3. Our school budgets have been mascerated to the point that we may be forced to take up part-time work to even produce pencils and paper! It's bad, folks.
4. All I had for lunch today was a can of mussels in cottonseed oil. One of the kids gave me a Tootsie Roll, and THAT'S IT in the way of food today!!!!! I'm hungry!!!!!!
5. I'm sick of my winter clothes!!! Oh, so so so so so so SO!!!
6. My house is unkempt. Paco (bless his heart) is putting our deck in. I miss my maid!
7. For the first time in my memory, the Mother's Day gifts at church were on BACKORDER!!!! BACKORDER???????????
8. A pink spot has appeared on our white carpet.
9. I'm tired.

Anybody else out there wanna vent?


Belle said...

I have a couple of gripes today.

My 14 month old leaves a complete and total disaster in his wake. It's non-stop, nothing is off limits, and I'm sick sick sick of picking up after him.

I just found out today that someone (not sure who yet) has decreed that book groups, if they want to have the luster of RS Enrichment endorsement, have to read only spiritually related, LDS materials. I am fuming. FUMING! Doesn't reading good books and then getting together for discussion fall under the mission of the Relief Society???


Belle said...

PS--I think being honest in what's going on and how we feel about it makes for interesting reading and feels real. So, thanks!

And good luck for the upcoming birth. Be sure to post pics of the new baby. Do you have any names picked out?


Laura said...

1. It sucks being a single mom! And I'm tired of people telling me "At least your husband has a job" "This too shall pass" "It could be worse" blah blah blah! I KNOW all that. But it doesn't make things easier. It just makes me feel even worse when I fail to achieve perfection.

2. Enough with the sick kids already! Can't you just be healthy?
I'm so tired of puke and poop and snot and coughing!
I had to laugh about your Mother's Day gift being back ordered.

And I, for one, totally want to hear about middle school boys who use plastic crate lids to "snowboard" in class.

Jill said...

Mother's Day gift backordered? That's hillarious! Weren't you in our ward on Mother's Day? Did you not grab a gift? I agree with you about blogging. Sorry that I am one of those who does not blog daily. If I don't have something specific to say, I really don't feel like just rattling on. Who wants to read that? I figure my blog is pretty darn boring!

RE: Belle's comment: What I would like to know is who decided you have to read spiritually related LDS material for RS Enrichment book groups?

David and Shelly said...

Oh, Mom...May the sun shine somewhere in your life.

Mad Hadder said...

Michelle--oh my gosh!!!! We should have seen it coming when cultural refinement (before your time which you would have LOVED!) went flying out the window!!! I for one can justify the spiritual relatedness of at least 10,000 non-LDS books! And furthermore if anyone wrote decent LDS fiction I'd read it. Really I would. That 14-month old will soon be a 28 year old, I'm so sorry to tell you...And incidentally YOU are one of my role models!!!!! Laura, I feel your pain. I'd take your kids for the weekend! I would!!! Yes, it will pass, but don't get too comfy with what will follow!! Jill, Yes, I did mooch off your Mother's Day gifts, but I was still expecting one from my own ward! Fifth ward gave out chocolates. I almost slipped in there but opted for the third ward instead. Felt soo sooooooooo good. I thought if I were to encounter my mom's ghost anywhere, it would be there. Incidentally I guess the gift is the same one you guys got... Shelly, yes there IS sunshine!! Literally outside AND Thomas is asleep on the hide-a-bed. We're working outside today and hopefully it will warm up into the 60's. Still wearing polar fleece...

Tracy Giles said...

I'll complain about no sleep. Harrison has been in the process of cutting his first tooth. It finally broke through yesterday, but it was a rough couple of days. He is finally taking a nap now so I have a little time to actually leave comments on some blogs. I keep getting the urge to pack the kids up and drive out to see you. Once we move (if we move) we most likely won't have that luxury. I would really like to get in a spur of the moment trip out to see you guys.

Amber said...

love your post, I need to get motivated with my blog.
Hey I get to go to NYC with Darrin in June. Do you have any suggestions as to what is great to do?

Sami said...

hey mrs. hadd its me sammy hope you are having a good summer so far, you should totally check out my blog at!

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