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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fat Boy!!

This is my grandson, Harrison. He's taking his first camping trip in Moab this weekend. Raining here--hopefully not there. When his father was a baby like this, we used to roll him around our whole apartment while he giggled. People used to stop me on the streets in Bloomington, IN, where we lived to admire him--he was THAT cute. And THAT fat as well!! Roll on oh ye billowing tufts of baby fatness!!!!


Jill said...

Why is it that those rolls are so darn cute on babies and not so cute on us adults?

eileen c said...

Thanks for the updated pics - they are precious and I want to hold all of them!!!

Tracy Giles said...

I love this picture. It's one of my favorites because of those cute rolls of fat! I hope he doesn't hate me later on in life for taking that picture. I just couldn't help myself!

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