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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Next, Please

One of the throwbacks to the pioneer heritage in our family is our insistance that we can make, do, or try anything we want. Particularly some of us insist on cutting hair--our own, the dogs', or more often our dependent children. Here's Charlie modeling the fruits of his mother's recent efforts, and I say, "Rock on oh ye amateurs!" Who needs formal training? I've been honing my haircutting skills for many years now--first (like my daughter) on my resident "captive" male children and then on Paco. Paco is ALL about a bargain! I figure I've saved him several hundred in stylists over the last 11 years since I first took scissors to him. Going back to a barber would mean he'd also have to forego the kiss on the neck which signifies I'm finished--he'd miss that! If you were to zoom in on Charlie Bug here, you'd see a microscopic nick in one of his ears--evidence of a random head move during a former haircutting session. He bled; mom cried. But it looks like she's back in the arena! Nice job.


Laura said...

I know I don't need to tell YOU this, but your grandchildren are absolutely adorable!

Mad Hadder said...

That's a compliment coming from one who KNOWS what cute kids look like!! Thank you. Yes, they were worth waiting for. Enter my contest!

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