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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Envelope Please!

Here you go!! Good luck!

1. Flame thrower--I think Paco has it in mind to zap a few migrating birds!

2. Nearly 12--But I'd rather have been reading.

3. New Dawn--as in What's-the-big-fat-hairy-deal-with-these-vampire-books??????

4. 200--But technically I lost count around 145.

5. Cokeville Women---I can't believe how many of you wanted to use that for EVERY answer!!

6. 8--very sticky from some aphids in our trees and so long overdue--like since May!!!!!!!!!!

7. Baskets!!! I think I got you on that one. Actually the whole bathroom is full of sewing stuff. My sewing room project is sooooo slow.

8. Switzerland--Tourists from Interlaken!!! I want to say I'M from Interlaken!!! Boo hoo. We seem to have an abundance of European tourists passing through taking advantage of Fall travel discounts and an obvious lack of charming U.S. kids. I met some cool Flemish visitors on Saturday also. They wrote me out a list of all the places NOT to miss in Belgium.

9. Wood--Cokeville Women....sheesh you guys.

10. Summer clothes--Actually because our summer season here lasts just a couple of weeks, these clothes have been in the family for almost 150 years.

11. Cheese!!! I can't keep in it. The kids LOVE it. Cheese and water.

12. 25--Oh yes! And delightful they were to be sure.

13. New plates--from a yard sale--such a killer deal! Out with the very old and in with the new!

14. GPS cows--Anybody get that one? Do you think we should be doing likewise? Eating facing north or south, that is?

15. Potty chairs--Shelly called in the middle of the day. I momentarily thought something was wrong! It seems Charlie (probably smack dab in the middle of his "anal stage" (according to Freud) wants to do the potty thing. Go Charlie!

Well there you are! Zap me your totals--one point per correct answer. Thanks for playing!


Laura said...

Shockingly, I got 8 of them right. woohoo!

A very entertaining quiz. Maybe we should make this a weekly thing? biweekly? anyone else agree with me?

Shelly said...

Shelly's score: 8 (I should have known the cheese at school thing. I knew that!)

Dave's score: 3 (though, he did get the flame thrower thing right which I was like, "yea right!", even if he was joking.)

Mad Hadder said...

A Tie!!!!! Come on someone! Break it!

annie said...

only seven for me. I said I liked tests, I didn't say I was good at them.

Mad Hadder said...

Ohhh Annie, What did you miss??? I was so looking forward to requesting a urine sample from you and you alone!

Anonymous said...

I can happily report 10 correct answers. Noteably, I got the GPS ? right. However, I had you discussing cheese with these foriegners. It would stand to reason. Having been on fly patrol as of late, I had no doubt about that one!! Lots of fun...BIG prizes!!!

Mad Hadder said...

Elyse! Reigning queen! Any more contestants out there??? Lizzie? Kenna?

Lizzie Wright said...

i did oh-so-badly!! only 5 right! just the ones with the numbers. and the summer clothes. i kept second guessing. sorry to disappoint.

Shelly said...

Wow! Good job Elyse! I'm impressed.

Chemene said...

Yeah, I only got 6 right. I'm a little late, but figured I hadn't won anyway. That was a fun little activity.

Laura said...

Are you going to tell us what the grand prize is?

Mad Hadder said...

I think I'll let Elyse's imagination fester for a few days...I like to strike when the element of surprise is greatest...You see, her son Azdyn has a locker right outside my classroom door, so I'm thinking I can maybe play on his anticipation a few days also. We'll see.

beck said...

I only got 6, too! Boy, I thought I had em all, too! Oh, well. Maybe next time. It was fun regardless!

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